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[personal profile] hellkitty posted a really interesting question about femmes, and how different fans interpret them. It got me thinking about my headcanon on Cybertronian reproduction and history more generally and I started to write it down. It, er, got very long. In fact it's a history of Cybertronian society from the Quintesson revolt to the Civil War from a reproductive perspective. oops. 

If anyone's interested I'd really love to hear what your head canon is for these issues!

I have multiple head canons. This is the one with no sexual reproduction.

The Quintessons established the basic Cybertronian frame, based on consumer preference, which was produced in factories. The main division was between the labourers and the soldiers who also had little chance to intermingle culturally before the revolt, with the result that Cybetron never quite managed to loose that fault line from their culture.

After the revolution one of the first things the former slaves did was seize the means of their own self reproduction. There was a huge desire to reject anything Quintesson which resulted in a lot of experimentation and a proliferation of new frame types and operating systems. A lot of infrastructure had been destroyed in the war as well so there was practical as well as ideological reasons for why the next several generations were hand crafted.

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OMG I was good, I was so so gooood, I didn't read any spoilers for the Transformers:Prime finale and the ending the ENDING!! There is karma.

*stuffs fingers in mouth and vibrates in glee*
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Soooo... I've started playing with my tumblrs again. Which I mostly use for bookmarking pretty art of pretty robots so when I'm jonesing for a hit of, say, Perceptor, I can just hit the relevant tag and stare dreamily.

I have, er. Seven Tumblrs. Eight, counting my personal one. Its my need to sort things into categories showing.... If pretty pictures of giant robots are of interest to anyone my tumblrs are

happyclanging.tumblr.com - Transformers ships. Mostly (but not entirely) non-explicit, and also a lot of stuff that could be gen friendship just as easily, or more probably, and also stuff like Soundwave and his cassettes where its more about the relationship than the ship but I stamped on my fingers before I could make another tumblr XD Mostly art exploring the relationships between transformers whether romantic or not.

girlscanberobots.tumblr.com - All Femmes, all continuities, all the time.

mytransformers.tumblr.com - art with (mostly) lone Transformers. I try to focus on pics that show them doing something (i feel!) is relevant to the character. This is a very indulgent tumblr.

sexyseekers.tumblr.com - sort of a combination of happyclanging and mytransformers focusing on robots with wings!

tellingtransformers.tumblr.com - art that doesn't fit into any of the above but which somehow FEELS iconic? (Really scientic classifcation going on here)

gettingsquishy.tumblr.com - humanised transformers

crossoverkisses.tumblr.com - a tumblr not focused on transformers! Nope, this one is crossover arts and vids.

Anyone else on tumblr? My personal one is at katharoskate.tumblr.com if you want to say hi..
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Like most people I try to keep my fandom self (Katharos) seperate from my real world self (Kate last name deleted) in the 'public' part of the internet.

So it's a bit worrying when Facebook offers up someone I only know from fandom under 'People You May Know.' And the only reason I picked up on it was because they use the same handle on Facebook as in fandom.

Just. How? We've exchanged a couple of emails using the email I use for Facebook - is that all it takes? Is Facebook monitoring my hotmail history? Do I need to resurrect my fandom only account? Am I revealing my lack of Facebook knowledge by even asking this question?


I mean, there's nothing really worrying about this particular incidence. It's just the idea of links being made somewhen, somehow, without my knowledge or control.
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Hey all! If you don't remember who I am that's fine XD. Been a long, long radio silence...

I'm currently in Cambodia - via Russia, China, Hong Kong, China again, Vietnam... When I stared this trip I decided I was going to leave my netbook at home and try and get by with just my ipod touch. Which has been great - I LOVE my ipod touch - for passive reading but not so convenient for typing. Anyway I'm in Cambodia - I extended my visa so I could stay and volunteer at this local organisation, mostly writing apps to try and get them funding - and I broke and bought myself a cheap netbook. It's probably shaved a couple of weeks of the end of my trip but at the moment it's so SO worth it - I have a KEYBOARD! And a hard drive! All my photos are backed up and obsessively organised and everytime I've got good internet connection I'm downloading a shit ton of stuff.

All caught up on Doctor Who now. Transformers Prime currently downloading!! Soon I can stop avoiding spoilers, yesssssssssssssss.

I'm rolling in consumerist glee over this (so tiny! so YELLOW!) yet also feeling. awkward. Tiny cheap netbook is more expensive to the people who live here than an apple laptop is at home. Mac Book might be a months wages. Here tiny netbook costs two months of a good salary, and when I say good I mean a hella a lot more than most people in this country earns...

*deep breath*

So! New netbook! Going to try and get back into the habit of talking to people again. Which would be nice. And squeeing about silly happy fandom stuff. That would also be nice!
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Okay, this is really cool:

The Galaxy May Swarm with Billions of Wandering Planets.

Cybertron's not alone out there? *grin*
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Just finished marathoning TFA. Oh so wonderful! So adorable, silly, happy family with awesome hilarious but still edging scary cons. (proper reaction post to come.)

But somehow the fic I immediately HAD to write was this one. Because I find a lot of the Autobot Elite Guard deeply creepy.

Cadet Optimus is ordered to report to the Science Division.

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Currently in Moscow! ... and seem to have spent the last two days struggling to get tickets for the next two (long) train journeys. Note to self: if do this in future do it in a tour group I don't care how expensive they are. Or at least buy tickets in advance through an agency forget about the bloody markup *huff*. anyway have tickets out of this country yay! Only thing is train journeys are long. DAYS long.

So... I want to treat myself to some really good self indulgent fantasy and sic fi books to read on my kindle. I'm going to nab the latest Temeraire but does anyone else with a kindle have any suggestions?
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In Estonia! actually in a hostel in Rallinn, waiting for my hair to dry before I venture out into the subzero temperatures.

Um, don't think I've actually mentioned this but I'm actually intending to travel the world? Or at least the bits between russia and Australia. Well see how it goes but I'm determined to get as far as japan at least! was difficult leaving yesterday. Hopefully today will be good!

I've got Justice League, Transformers, and Outnumbered on my iPod and a ton of fanfiction on my kindle so my comfort blanket is prepared! I've also got a blog at whatkatedidnext.com which doesn't have much yet but that will change!
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It's the Six Nations rugby, the one time of year that my Dad acts like a Real Man (tm). And it REALLY distresses the dog.

See he gets really into it - ducking and weaving about on the sofa, gasping and groaning and cheering - and Tess gets terribly anxious and comes running up to me and Mum, trying to tell us that Something Is Wrong with Dad!!!!!!

And when this fails to makes us get up to save Dad from his terrible seizures she runs away and hides upstairs. And then Dad feels guilty and goes and watches it in the kitchen. And then she comes back and pants imploringly at us, her nerves shattered.

(We invited her up on the sofa but I think that just freaked her out more, as she knows she's Not Allowed on the good sofa - when there's anyone to see her...)


Jan. 31st, 2011 09:37 pm
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Sooooo I've discovered a new toy today. Tumblrs.

They are just so, so perfect for bookmarking and reccing fanart. (Thank you [personal profile] beckerbell! I'm blaming you!)

*cough* Okay, I've already got two of em.


girlscanberobots @ tumblr All Femmes all the time! Mostly got a load of Elita on there at the mo.


 happyclanging @ tumblrShipping recs XD. ...And since I ship everyone with everyone in this fandom every possible combination will probably get covered. Only a couple of pics actually include clanking. It's gone more cute moments and cool interpretations of the relationships then smexing, and I lot of it could be considered gen. MIx of pairings, but mostly SkyfirexStarscream so far!

Ahhhhhhh and there's so many more arts I want to rec! Should I make one more catch all tumblr for the rest, or a million tiny niche ones as  the obsessive compulsive in my soul wants me too?

Anyone else on tumblr?
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The dog has been sulking at me all evening. And what did I do? What heinous crime did I commit?

I took her for a walk. And it started raining.

It was filthy looks and stiff legged walks all the way home, and she's been telling everyone how hard done by she is.

*laughs at her, but quietly cause she's already plastered my bed with mud.*
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Thank God for 80s power ballads. This would be so much more emotionally traumatic otherwise.

Although Prowl's internals exploding out of his mouth will never not be traumatic thank you. Did the makers like being cruel to small children?
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I've got this big, epic Transformers AU that's been stalled for MONTHS and I really want to kickstart again! I began it for an AU big bang last year but the deadlines strangled it. Drabbling some of the story stuff in my head seems like it might be a good way to get it started again so this is a plea for prompts.

Scenario is thus: The rebellion against the Quintessons failed. Generations later a soldier condemned to the gladiator pits raises a rebellion against his masters - which fails. Managing to escape he faces a slow deactivation only to be found and repaired by a dockworker, who Megatron gradually starts to think might not be a pathetic, crawling coward, which all soldiers consider workers to be. And Orion struggles to gather the courage to trust a soldier, who might offer hope to their rebellion...

Megaton/Orion is the only fixed pairing so far! Feel free to ask for pairings but they may come out as gen XD

If you're interested please post as many prompts as you like. One or more characters plus a word/phrase/scenario please!
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I don't really go in for the full blown mech preg, or for true sexual diamorphism between mechs and femmes BUT.

The way my brain is thinking it would go would be: Mech and Femme get charged and clanky with each other. New spark is formed. Femme frame is optimised for receving and nurturing that new spark until it is stable. (extra power to spark chamber/secondary slave chamber etc.)

MEANWHILE the mech's frame is optimised for building the sparkling's frame. Because they're typically bigger and bulkier so they've got more internal space to accomodate a temporary mini factory. And then when when the spark is stable/ the new frame is advanced enough to support it, the newspark is transferred to the mech, who carries the sparkling to term.

...maybe if the new spark splits, and there isn't the capacity to build a frame externally, the couple would have to rope a second mech in to build the second frame?

This isn't really going anywhere. Just ramblings. And mental images of crochety Ironhide and glowing Optimus, and Elita and Chromia rubbing aching joints while humans look on in bemusement.

(And Chromia investigating human rumours that spicy food and sex can induce labour, while Ironhide bellows that he's not going to go into labour, he's just going to shift some plating around when the sparkling reaches viability, and slaggit, Chromia, she doesn't need an excuse to frag him...

I may be over tired.
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Belated Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas!

The relatives have just left, which marks the end of the holiday season. (We have two sets of relatives visit - one at Christmas and one at New Year.) All the turkey has been eaten as well, but we still have a load of recorded Christmas tv to watch and we've just discovered two enormous tins of Roses that was meant to be given at Christmas presents but which we, er, forgot about. XD

Please excuse me one moment while I gloat.

I got a Kindle for Christmas! *dolphin noises* Okay, I will never forsake paper and ink books. Never ever. But the Kindle is so shiny and I've downloaded a ton of free ebooks on to it, and a load of fanfic as well and I don't know. There is just something plain nice about reading on it. I've also loaded up the complete Georgette Heyer, which my Dad got for my Mum last year, and the entire Vorkosigan series from here: http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com/24-CryoburnCD/CryoburnCD/

If you've never tried the series, now's the time! I'd recommend starting with Warrior's Apprentice which is the first Miles book, then go back to read the prequel duology about his parents, then full steam ahead through the entire amazing series. Bujold describes Miles:

Pick a heroic attribute, and Miles will be the opposite–tall, lantern-jawed, strong, handsome? Nope. Try short, fragile-boned, and odd-looking. A grandly tragic orphan, a loner, free of the cloying obligations of family? Nope–Miles has a plethora of living relatives to show up and annoy him. Goes through women like tissue paper? Nope–Miles’s old girlfriends tend to hang around, still alive, stubbornly being themselves. Unselfconsciously heroic? Not Miles. He’s a post-modern hero, and can’t help being conscious of just about everything.

I've also finally read the latest novel, Cyroburn. And I cried.


Last Day

Dec. 17th, 2010 10:07 pm
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Just defaulted on Yuletide :( Feel really, really bad. I've never done that before! But leaving work took up a lot more time than I expected... I've got an idea based on the prompt that I really, really like but I just haven't been able to write any of it. Will try to write it as a treat now there's more time...

It was the nicest way to leave a job ever. The organisation is one that's fallen victim to the public sector cuts, so everyone will be leaving in March. My contract has come naturally to an end and (surprise surprise) there's no funding left - but I know they value me and they've extended it in the past.

Everyone has been so, so lovely and I've had such an amazing time there over the past two years. Really happy, yet also really choked up! Cried a bit. I've been dashing around with an address book, thrusting it into people's faces with a crazed look in my eyes demanding contact details. I'm determined to keep in touch with everyone!

Also it was the Christmas party today, which made it I think the best day to leave on. We had a Christmas buffet at which everyone ate too much and then we sat around chatting and reminicsing for ages. For some reason this involved a very long discussion of Nivea and who does and does not use it. It was very popular among the men!

So yeah. Sad but happy and a little overwhelmed by how nice everyone has been, and all the nice things they've said. It everyone wasn't so wonderful I wouldn't be so sad. I kept getting sniffly and hugging people.

Tired now.
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Snow-apocalypse is over! :( Please come back for Christmas?

Did manage to get out for a long walk in it on Friday. It was early morning and there was a thick mist when I went out. The sky matched the ground and the horses in the field looked so miserable with icicles in the coats, rooting through the snow for grass.

We had a lovely long walk and on the way back I noticed that Tess was limping. I couldn't tell which leg it was and there wasn't anything to do but carry on walking back. We got into the house and I realised that she was limping on all four feet.

There were enormous balls of ice stuck to all her paws, compacted and congealed snow stuck to the fur in between her pads and she was hobbling on them like they were round platform shoes, her legs skidding and sliding every and I could have expired on the spot from sheer guilt.

I got her to lie down on the floor and I was trying to get the ice to melt by holding her paws in my hands, which she doesn't like at the best of times and she was looking absolutely miserable and distressed. Her poor little paws - the worst of the ice balls I could barely get my fist around - and she was twitching her legs, trying to get me to let her go.

And then all of a sudden she hauled herself to her feet and went staggering, skittering, sliiding into the kitchen - bits of ice tearing loose and shooting everyone - and went POINT. Head whipping round, nose unearingly pointed at her treat drawer. And she looked at me to say: 'I get a treat after my walks. You're being slow. Where is it?' POINT.

She got two.
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I wrote this on Haloween. I have no clue what is going on, or who the mech is. Any thoughts?

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