Aug. 13th, 2011

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Like most people I try to keep my fandom self (Katharos) seperate from my real world self (Kate last name deleted) in the 'public' part of the internet.

So it's a bit worrying when Facebook offers up someone I only know from fandom under 'People You May Know.' And the only reason I picked up on it was because they use the same handle on Facebook as in fandom.

Just. How? We've exchanged a couple of emails using the email I use for Facebook - is that all it takes? Is Facebook monitoring my hotmail history? Do I need to resurrect my fandom only account? Am I revealing my lack of Facebook knowledge by even asking this question?


I mean, there's nothing really worrying about this particular incidence. It's just the idea of links being made somewhen, somehow, without my knowledge or control.
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Soooo... I've started playing with my tumblrs again. Which I mostly use for bookmarking pretty art of pretty robots so when I'm jonesing for a hit of, say, Perceptor, I can just hit the relevant tag and stare dreamily.

I have, er. Seven Tumblrs. Eight, counting my personal one. Its my need to sort things into categories showing.... If pretty pictures of giant robots are of interest to anyone my tumblrs are - Transformers ships. Mostly (but not entirely) non-explicit, and also a lot of stuff that could be gen friendship just as easily, or more probably, and also stuff like Soundwave and his cassettes where its more about the relationship than the ship but I stamped on my fingers before I could make another tumblr XD Mostly art exploring the relationships between transformers whether romantic or not. - All Femmes, all continuities, all the time. - art with (mostly) lone Transformers. I try to focus on pics that show them doing something (i feel!) is relevant to the character. This is a very indulgent tumblr. - sort of a combination of happyclanging and mytransformers focusing on robots with wings! - art that doesn't fit into any of the above but which somehow FEELS iconic? (Really scientic classifcation going on here) - humanised transformers - a tumblr not focused on transformers! Nope, this one is crossover arts and vids.

Anyone else on tumblr? My personal one is at if you want to say hi..


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