Jan. 10th, 2012

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[personal profile] hellkitty posted a really interesting question about femmes, and how different fans interpret them. It got me thinking about my headcanon on Cybertronian reproduction and history more generally and I started to write it down. It, er, got very long. In fact it's a history of Cybertronian society from the Quintesson revolt to the Civil War from a reproductive perspective. oops. 

If anyone's interested I'd really love to hear what your head canon is for these issues!

I have multiple head canons. This is the one with no sexual reproduction.

The Quintessons established the basic Cybertronian frame, based on consumer preference, which was produced in factories. The main division was between the labourers and the soldiers who also had little chance to intermingle culturally before the revolt, with the result that Cybetron never quite managed to loose that fault line from their culture.

After the revolution one of the first things the former slaves did was seize the means of their own self reproduction. There was a huge desire to reject anything Quintesson which resulted in a lot of experimentation and a proliferation of new frame types and operating systems. A lot of infrastructure had been destroyed in the war as well so there was practical as well as ideological reasons for why the next several generations were hand crafted.

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