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Dec. 17th, 2010 10:07 pm
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Just defaulted on Yuletide :( Feel really, really bad. I've never done that before! But leaving work took up a lot more time than I expected... I've got an idea based on the prompt that I really, really like but I just haven't been able to write any of it. Will try to write it as a treat now there's more time...

It was the nicest way to leave a job ever. The organisation is one that's fallen victim to the public sector cuts, so everyone will be leaving in March. My contract has come naturally to an end and (surprise surprise) there's no funding left - but I know they value me and they've extended it in the past.

Everyone has been so, so lovely and I've had such an amazing time there over the past two years. Really happy, yet also really choked up! Cried a bit. I've been dashing around with an address book, thrusting it into people's faces with a crazed look in my eyes demanding contact details. I'm determined to keep in touch with everyone!

Also it was the Christmas party today, which made it I think the best day to leave on. We had a Christmas buffet at which everyone ate too much and then we sat around chatting and reminicsing for ages. For some reason this involved a very long discussion of Nivea and who does and does not use it. It was very popular among the men!

So yeah. Sad but happy and a little overwhelmed by how nice everyone has been, and all the nice things they've said. It everyone wasn't so wonderful I wouldn't be so sad. I kept getting sniffly and hugging people.

Tired now.

Date: 2010-12-17 10:26 pm (UTC)
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+hugs a bit+

And at least you did default instead of just not...some do that.


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