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Belated Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas!

The relatives have just left, which marks the end of the holiday season. (We have two sets of relatives visit - one at Christmas and one at New Year.) All the turkey has been eaten as well, but we still have a load of recorded Christmas tv to watch and we've just discovered two enormous tins of Roses that was meant to be given at Christmas presents but which we, er, forgot about. XD

Please excuse me one moment while I gloat.

I got a Kindle for Christmas! *dolphin noises* Okay, I will never forsake paper and ink books. Never ever. But the Kindle is so shiny and I've downloaded a ton of free ebooks on to it, and a load of fanfic as well and I don't know. There is just something plain nice about reading on it. I've also loaded up the complete Georgette Heyer, which my Dad got for my Mum last year, and the entire Vorkosigan series from here: http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com/24-CryoburnCD/CryoburnCD/

If you've never tried the series, now's the time! I'd recommend starting with Warrior's Apprentice which is the first Miles book, then go back to read the prequel duology about his parents, then full steam ahead through the entire amazing series. Bujold describes Miles:

Pick a heroic attribute, and Miles will be the opposite–tall, lantern-jawed, strong, handsome? Nope. Try short, fragile-boned, and odd-looking. A grandly tragic orphan, a loner, free of the cloying obligations of family? Nope–Miles has a plethora of living relatives to show up and annoy him. Goes through women like tissue paper? Nope–Miles’s old girlfriends tend to hang around, still alive, stubbornly being themselves. Unselfconsciously heroic? Not Miles. He’s a post-modern hero, and can’t help being conscious of just about everything.

I've also finally read the latest novel, Cyroburn. And I cried.

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