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Hey all! If you don't remember who I am that's fine XD. Been a long, long radio silence...

I'm currently in Cambodia - via Russia, China, Hong Kong, China again, Vietnam... When I stared this trip I decided I was going to leave my netbook at home and try and get by with just my ipod touch. Which has been great - I LOVE my ipod touch - for passive reading but not so convenient for typing. Anyway I'm in Cambodia - I extended my visa so I could stay and volunteer at this local organisation, mostly writing apps to try and get them funding - and I broke and bought myself a cheap netbook. It's probably shaved a couple of weeks of the end of my trip but at the moment it's so SO worth it - I have a KEYBOARD! And a hard drive! All my photos are backed up and obsessively organised and everytime I've got good internet connection I'm downloading a shit ton of stuff.

All caught up on Doctor Who now. Transformers Prime currently downloading!! Soon I can stop avoiding spoilers, yesssssssssssssss.

I'm rolling in consumerist glee over this (so tiny! so YELLOW!) yet also feeling. awkward. Tiny cheap netbook is more expensive to the people who live here than an apple laptop is at home. Mac Book might be a months wages. Here tiny netbook costs two months of a good salary, and when I say good I mean a hella a lot more than most people in this country earns...

*deep breath*

So! New netbook! Going to try and get back into the habit of talking to people again. Which would be nice. And squeeing about silly happy fandom stuff. That would also be nice!
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