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This story is kicking my arse up down and sideways.

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First of all, I'm SO SORRY that you probably first saw this post as a blank page! Second, THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering to write one of my fandoms! *glee*  I will be thrilled with whatever you choose to write in any of these fandoms, so please feel free to pick and choose among any of the prompts I mention here!

Generally I love plotriffic fics, or fics heavy on character interaction - I also seriously adore AUs, either dark AUs (with hopeful endings!) or fixit AUs if the canon itself is dark. I really like stories that focus on families, blood or created, and the complicated ways they come together and hurt each other but, ultimately, love and support each other - and totally unplanned I think three of my four requests are centred around families! The SaDiablo family in Black Jewels, and the way the slowly find each other again over the course of the books, is one of the prime reasons I fell in love with the series, and any missing scenes - or future fic or AU - between Saetan and his sons would be delicious.

And Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - I always feel bad for Mamoru that he never gets his guardians back in any of the continuities while Usagi gets her Senshi. And the Live Action series has such a wonderful set up that's begging to be explored further. And feel free to bring in any other characters that you like!  (note: I REALLY OTP Rei/Minako, so while I love the relationship between Zoisite and Venus - I really don't like it as romantic? sorry!)

100 Thousand Kingdoms: depending which way you choose to go this could be family focused too! The whole series is about a family falling out... We got some tantalising glmpses of the reaction of the godlings to Yeine and the return of Naha and Sieh, and I also really want to know what happened with Darre after the end of the first book. But I also love Great Big Mythology and huge seismic world shifts, so if you fancy exploring the impact of the first book from the perspective of original or minor characters - be welcome!

The Forbidden Game is a childhood series that's stuck around in my head for years. I've always been immensely satisfied by the ending - I am my only Master HELL YEAH - but I'm greedy and I've always wanted MORE of Julian. (I've been firmly convinced that Julian is the Fourth Wild Power - 'One from the twilight to be one with dark?' - and until LJ Smith gets round to writing the last Night World book I'm sticking to it XDDD)  I'm fascinated by the mythology behind this world and I'd love to see more with the Norse elements of it. If you'd liked to bring the other characters in please feel free! I love Jenny. I like to believe she went on to be awesome and amazing after the end of the trilogy.

I love gen and explicit and slash/femslash/het/poly. I love Epic and crack fic and the awesome power of (not necessarily romantic) love, and powerplays and darkness and people finding out who they are and coming into their own, secrets revealed and the slow, cautious steps towards understanding each other a little better, the giving and receiving of comfort. Basically I like pretty much everything! XD

I hope you've found this helpful! It's meant to be, so if its not feel free to discard it and write where the plot bunnies drive you - I know it will be awesome. Thank you again for writing for me!

Fic Rec

Nov. 18th, 2010 12:45 am
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Quick drive by post before falling into bed:

Werecars of Cybertron has updated! *happy dance* oh I love this fic so much. *grin*

Joy is...

Nov. 14th, 2010 12:54 pm
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discovering two muller crunch corner yogurts in the back of the fridge when you thought they were all gone! Yay!

Also, this Princess Tutu vid is awesome. I don't like many Tutu vids - I think because music and dance is such a big part of the anime anything that's only slightly different sounds jarring - but the fast loud beat of this song is so different it somehow becomes amazingly appropriate? And the fast paced cutting is great. WARNING: Enormous spoilers for entire series!

Now back to drawing spots onto old t-shirts...
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Went to my first kickboxing lesson tonight! So much love. Also so much ow. But mostly love. Yay for hitting and kicking things!
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Title: Messenger (listen)
Rating: PG13/R
Wordcount: 1717
Notes: ...I think this might be in the same continuity as Medic?

WARNINGS: War. Really not kidding. Graphic and semi-graphic descripitions of war and mass executions.

In the night we saw the lights of the Decepticon's advance encircle our city; in the morning our comms were silenced; in the afternoon Megatron came to us to ask our surrender. )


Nov. 1st, 2010 07:51 pm
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Stolen from everybody 8D

1. Comment in this post with a pairing, a character, or theory.
2. I shall write you back a paragraph explaining what I think about it (good, bad, indifferent) and why.
3. Repost in your own journal if you want.

Transformers is where my headspace is mostly at at the moment, but anything we've ever talked about or anything listed in my interests welcome!
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Very belated welcome to everyone from the Transformers Friending Meme! Come in, make yourself comfortable. This journal tends to be rambly and irregularly updated, but I'm trying to do better!

Had a wonderful long weekend this weekend! Had both Friday and Monday off, and on Saturday I went down to London to see my Sister and to go to the London Expo. Which is the first Convention I've ever been too and thus v. exiting :D. There was this building sense of glee as the undeground and railways converged towards the convention centre and there were more and more tv and anime characters in the crowd. :D. Cosplayer watching was my favourite bit of the whole experience - there were some really brilliant costumes there! I felt underdressed. There was one Optimus Prime but sadly they were gone too quickly for me to ask for a photo.

some photos under the cut! )

I've decided not to do NaNo this year. I love doing it but I'm probably going to be busy this November, and I haven't got a firm idea ready to go. (My darling Feminist Werewolves are still fermenting at the back of my brain.) And I always end up unhappy with stuff I write racing the clock - and the feeling that the thing I've taken 10,000 words to say would have much better be said in two. What I am going to aim to do is a fic or 1000 words per day in November. A fic can be a drabble of a hundred words a day, so hopefully that will be doable while still challenging!

Also: Pumpkins! Actually pumpkin and melon. They were out of pumpkins. Plus side we've now got a fridge full of delicious melon. Mmmm, melon. It was easier to carve than a pumpkin and the greenish glow is cool - might go the melon route next year as well. XD

2010 Halloween Pumpkin and Melon!
Witch is mine, cat is my Dad's!
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Okay, just accidently bought Optimus Prime revoltech off ebay. (you can buy things accidently off ebay, shut up.) It was less than half the price he usually goes for, even if he is lacking a Matrix. Sorry Ultra Magnus, you're going to have to be sold off to fund my Optimus. *pets*
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...Has anyone else suddenly have their livejournal page fade out? As if a grey film has been drawn over it? And then an ad starts playing in the middle of the screen and a message appears saying "when this ad finishes you will be returned to your livejoural experience?

Does it make anyone elses fists itch?
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So assuming that the TFs major, or only, means of reproduction is commissioining sparks from either Vector Sigma or the Allspark and then building frames to hold them.

There are two options open to the mechs who commissioned the frame.

One is a fully built frame in a particular model (flyer, construction, military etc) with all the relevant software and databanks pre uploaded. A mech sparked to that frame would come online able to function in Cybertron society and able to fulfill the purpose they were built for immediatley. They would, however, be 'young' in terms of naivite and lacking experience. The Aerialbots and Stunticons from G1 would be examples of this.

The other options would be a very basic frame, smaller than normal, with no specialisations. It would basically just be a bipedal form capable of moving from a to b with the standard range of sensors. It would only have the most basic OS uploaded. A mech sparked into a 'sparkling' frame would be completely dependant on the 'adult' mechs around them. They wouldn't have a specfic function pre-defined for them and they wouldn't be able to support themselves financially. They would also come on line as a blank slate, closer to what we would recognise as a 'child', and would build their own software slowly through learning and experience. When they reached 'adulthood' they would upgrade to a model-type of their choosing.

The advantage of the first option is that it is much, much cheaper. There is a financial outlay for only one frame and the new mech is able to support themselves almost immediatly - although responsible mechs would recognise them as 'young' and treat them appropriately until some of the shiny had worn off. The disadvantages, however, is that the mech comes online with their identities pre-defined to a large extent. It's hard for them to move beyond the boundaries set by their programming and frames. Many of them don't, and it takes a lot of experience and an enquiring spark, or someone really special. So problem with this method is it stunts the creativity of a large proportion of the population. There is also a risk of mental health problems if the coding is too restrictive and contradicts the spark's inclination (Stunticons!). And I'm stealing this idea from Roads by Dragon of Dispair because it's become part of my headcanon - in extreme cases of conflict it can result in a 'still birth.'

The sparkling frame option requires a much MUCH larger financial outlay. Two frames and the cost of supporting the mech during their sparklinghood. Advantages however is a mech who has created themselves through experience, who is bright, creative and inquisitive. Who can think outside the box, whose function is perfectly suited to their spark's inclination.

I imagine originally all or most of Cybertronians were pre-programmed mechs. As their society became more prosperous more and more took the sparkling route. However, as the energy/economic/social crisis began to bite that trend reversed until only the very rich used sparkling frames - which had become something of a status symbol. So Mirage would have had a sparkling frame. Hound did not. Optimus and Megatron in bayverse would have had sparkling frames - or maybe they would have been pre-programmed in a really special, spiritual way. Prime and Lord Protector, destined roles.
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We've been cleaning out the loft today. The dog has just been telling me her nerve has been broken by objects falling from above but now she's decided she's not getting enough sympathy and gone to play 'pounce and disembowell' with her stuffed toy. So I have my doubts.

Seriously, it's amazing how much empty space there is in the loft now! Okay, there's also stuff in our rooms that'll be going back up but there's also a huge pile of stuff destined for the tip. It's amazing how many boxes plus packages we've kept 'just in case' over the years...

Also discovered: stuff that's been in the loft since we moved to this house (15+ years ago), stuff that's been in the loft since before we moved to this house (really fugly blinds now destined for the tip), ancient machinery - type writer, vinyl players, dark room equipment etc., nostalgia - baby photos, old clothes and toys, my CIRCUS PLAYMOBIL SET OMG, stuff from my parent's Uni days, poignancy - my grandmothers' and grandfathers' memororabilia, rolls of ancient carpet...

One thing we found were some of my old dolls.

They can go to the tip, says Mum. You were never very nurturing. Your Nan used to spend hours trying to get you to play with them.
I remember I used to play with this one, says I.
Yes, says Mum, you were very intrigued by the fact it could wee. *pause* You were nurturing with your Thomas the Tank Engine though.

The work party was pretty much divided into two camps. One was camp 'Just throw it, we haven't even thought about it for years (Mum)' and one was camp 'But the memories! and it could be useful one day (Dad)'. I was designated waverer, but given the fact the pair of them often turned traitor to their own camps I feel justified. :D

IN OTHER NEWS N K Jemisin has posted the third chapter WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST BOOK of The Broken Kingdoms, sequel to Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, early! And I am so, so excited for this book! I've been haunting Waterstones in case they get it in early...

REASON the chapter's been posted early is cause Jemisin is visiting London next weekend; she'll be signing in Forbidden Planet on Saturday and I am SERIOUSLY tempted to go down for it :DDD. My sister would be pleased. She's been making pathetic calls to the homestead for more blankets. XD

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Dogs are awesome. Science is awesome.

Stuff that combines the two? awesome squared

Conservation Canines are dogs based at the University of Washington who have been trained to detect animal scat. There's a wonderful audio slideshow on the bbc website about one of the dogs, Tucker, who has been trained to detect whale poo. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-11523469

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Oct. 17th, 2010 09:34 pm
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Stuff I've done today:

1. Clicked obsessively through xkcd.
2. Finally finished the tatami mats for the my dolls room!

And uploaded a few photos on Flickr! [personal profile] still_lycoris has this awesome set of all 11 Doctors she got for her birthday. And I've bought myself a revoltech Ultra Magnus (Hereafter to be referred to as soon-to-be-optimus-prime 'cause I've got vague plans to repaint him and I was starting to feel guilty.) I also had my camera with me last weekend.

Warning: Image heavy! )

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Watching the Apprentice. (WHY?!) And I have only one thing to say. Actually I have quite a lot to say about the rampant sexism among the boys team and utter unprofessionalism (even for the Apprentice) on the girl's but there's one thing, one thing especially I have to ask.

Coolie as the name for a product? Coolie? Really?

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Absolutly wonderful weekend! Went down to visit [personal profile] still_lycoris for her birthday - Happy Birthday again! Games and silly talk and more serious talk and Merlin and books - we discovered that we both had the same book of creepy disturbing fairy tales when we were younger, which still creep and disturb us now. :P

[profile] la_localfreak, [profile] robertfrog and [personal profile] versipellis were all there as well, most of whom I haven't seen for years! (scary to realise I mean that literally...) Yeah. We played Caterogries which I've never played before and I got a little too competitive (it's a bad habit!)

And we had potato smiley faces for the party food and one of them was Cthulu with a tentaceley face... I'm sure it was a good omen? :D

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Edit: ack, formatting finally fixed! Apologies! Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine! Not sure who the various bits of canon here belong to, but not me.
Prompt: The Perils of Time Travel
Verse: A blend of G1 and Megatron: Origins

The Decepticons latest plot results in time travel, to Mirage's dismay. That's not the real story though. Vector Sigma has his own idea for what the true consequences of time travel must be for a certain dockworker and a certain miner. Sparks can't be uncreated...

Written for tf_speedwriting. Pure self-indulgence doesn't begin to cover it! 


Read more... )
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I've really kinda failed on this meme, haven't I?

Writing style... I'm not sure it does affect how I read fanfic that much, except for terrible abuse of the english language. (Although given that, in the right mood, I can devour ten Super-Harry fics on FF.Net...) But yeah. Omnivore. A good story can persuade me to keep reading even if the language is making my shoulder blades itch. Actually the only thing that will really stop me reading is enormous, unbroken blocks of texts. It's monotony of style as well, but it's the layout that initially puts me off!

Day 1 – What about fanfic in general makes you read it?
Day 2 – What theme(s) do you love to read most in fanfic?
Day 3 – What Character archetypes drive your interest in fanfic?
Day 4 – How does writing style affect how you read fanfic?
Day 5 – What kind of comments do you use for feedback and why?
Day 6 – When do you read what kinds of fanfics?
Day 7 – When you do comment, how do you handle the author response or lack of it?

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[personal profile] ratcreature has set up a really cool new community called [community profile] fanart_recs which is based on LJ's Crack Van only for fanart instead of fics. I've signed up for Transformers for October and there are several other fandoms on the go already as well. Give it a look!

Random post

Oct. 2nd, 2010 06:01 pm
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Poor Tess-dog's season has started, which means she's moping about feeling misreable. On top of that the family is being Mean to her and not letting her on the furniture (REALLY not letting her on the furniture, not "you're not allowed on there but we'll pretend not to notice because you're so cute!). It sucks being female girl. *hugs*

Yeah, and I've had this *points below* stuck in my head since monday when my sister showed it to me. Catwoman, Huntress, and Black Canary sing cabaret.

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