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End of second week of work! And we're finally beginning to move out of the induction period and into the work we were hired to do. Which feels really, reall good. *grin*

NaNoWriMo, uh, I'm less than a half where I should be? Going to try and right like a fiend this weekend to make it up. I am determined to at least come close to 50000 words this year! It's also really good for me. I haven't written seriously for months, and when I started trying to write some fanfic... it didn't go well. A lot of what I've written for NaNo sounds really stiff and I'm sure I can't blame it all on speed-creation. So hopefully by the time I get around to writing for Yuletide and Trail Hunter I'll have my writing muscles back in shape!

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First day at work today! Mostly involved reading through contracts, induction packs and various background information...easy once past the first few minutes of absolute terror. *wry*

But everyone seemed really nice - there was another girl starting with me so we got to exchange deer-in-the-headlight looks over the top of our computers.

Met up with a bunch of fellow NaNo people in Birmingham on Saturday and had long, rambly, plain odd conversations which was awesome. Maybe this is the year! The year that I will finish NaNo! For I have no essays due in the middle of it. Just a new job...

Where the Bones Lie Dreaming
Where the Bones Are Dreaming

Which title?

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