Noises Off

Oct. 30th, 2008 10:47 pm
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Went to see Noises Off at Malvern on Tuesday night. Drove through the snow (snow. There was a woman in Birmingham selling the Big Issue just outside Waterstones with a swirl of snow falling around her. Like something out of Dickens.)

Noises Off was brilliant. It's about a group of actors putting on a play called Nothing On and the first half is the dress rehearsal and the second half is a later performance but the set is turned around so we are watching back stage where several enormous dramas are taking place in mime and various people are attempting to mortally injure each other. And the set has a window in it which the actors have to duck under when the move from side to side of the stage and there is this one point where one actor is trying to murder another with an axe and they forget to duck and all you can think of is the silhoette the 'audience' on the other side of the set must be seeing!

And there is a bottle of whiskey that the cast is in a desperate conspiracy to keep from the happy alcholic actor who was played by Colin Baker.

We were exhausted with laughing by the end.

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