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I've been re-reading some of the early volumes of Tsubasa, and it's sparked a few thoughts...

1. Crescent Moon symbols. They turn up everywhere. I'd have to go through the rest of the manga to check, but it looks like they turn up in almost every country. Yukito's and Fye's staffs both have crescent symbols, they're present in Kurogane's world, Chun'nyan's mother had one on her fan... And they're on Yuuko's shop's roof, and on the pillar's one either side of her gate. They remind me of last season's Doctor Who, and the Bad Wolf that was mentioned in every episode. I wonder if they're going to be important somehow; if the symbol has some special significance being present in so many dimensions.

2. When Sakura's wings appear in the first chapter, Fei-Wan says 'The power to pass through space and time, and that which points the way are the wings.'

It makes me wonder if the search for Sakura's feathers is less of a scavenger hunt and more of a treasure hunt; the trail the feather's leave pointing the way to the big treasure at the end. If that was the case Fei-wan wanting to help them gather the feathers makes sense.

3. There's this one page layout with Fei-wan monologuing in the best Evil Villain tradition, going on about how 'those with the power to cross the dimensions already exist,' with insets of his own soldiers crossing dimensions, Fye, Yukito, Yuuko and Mokona. And then he says 'however the power that was buried deep in the ground beneath the country of Clow exceeds them all!' And then there's an inset of the ruins and I realise there was someone missing from the crossing dimensions power line up and I go OMG! Clow is buried beneath the ruins! They're his tombstone. And now Fei-wan wants to eat absorb his body and his power! Then my brain broke.

We saw Clow divide himself into two people in CCS, but it could be argued that was just his soul, and his body was left behind. And we know that time flows differntly between the dimensions so his body could have been buried there long ago...


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