Jul. 1st, 2010

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Finally seen the end of Doctor Who. Haz and I marathoned the last three episodes tonight and it was just an explosion of pure glee and happiness!

Weather continues v. hot. Fans in every room of the house. Dog is doing the thing where she seems to dislocate all her leg joints so she can press every inch of her belly against the cold kitchen floor.

Harry's friend from Uni came to stay last weekend. We took her to Stratford (we take everyone to Stratford. Everyone.) Saw Shakespeare's birth place (again) which is always awesome. I love the museum. Every exhibit is prefaced by: "and this may be the very..." Also saw Nash's House and New Place which we've never been to before. 'Nash's House' is the house that Shakespeare's daughter and her husband lived in. New Place was the most expensive house in Stratford which Shakespeare bought when he came back from London a rich man. In the 17th century it was bought by a businessman looking for some peace and quiet. Unfortunatly he bought it at jst the time Shakespeare mania and tourism was kicking off and he got so fed up of people wanting tours and peering through the windows and climbing over the walls that he had the house demolished.

They're doing a dig in the gounds now - you can see the foundations and what they think are the middens out the back. They've found a few things - including the chopped up parts of a horse. No one knows why a horse would be chopped up and shoved into the middens rather than being sent to the knacker yard.

Got to have a go at cleaning some of the finds and seiving dirt - Haz's friend A, who is studying archaeology and who has just spent months doing this, bore with us patiently.

And then we took a rowing boat on the river which was awesome and we managed not to kill ourselves or any wildlife. We saw Moorhens and tiny little black fluffballs of moor chicks and clouds of these bright blue dragonflies hovering at the edges of the river.

We watched England Vs Germany in the pub while we had lunch. There were two old gentlemen near us who had come in in their England shirts, secured themselves the best seats, got their pints and a bowl of chips. They got up and left before the end. Germany were brilliant. I'll leave it at that.


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