Dec. 5th, 2010

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Snow-apocalypse is over! :( Please come back for Christmas?

Did manage to get out for a long walk in it on Friday. It was early morning and there was a thick mist when I went out. The sky matched the ground and the horses in the field looked so miserable with icicles in the coats, rooting through the snow for grass.

We had a lovely long walk and on the way back I noticed that Tess was limping. I couldn't tell which leg it was and there wasn't anything to do but carry on walking back. We got into the house and I realised that she was limping on all four feet.

There were enormous balls of ice stuck to all her paws, compacted and congealed snow stuck to the fur in between her pads and she was hobbling on them like they were round platform shoes, her legs skidding and sliding every and I could have expired on the spot from sheer guilt.

I got her to lie down on the floor and I was trying to get the ice to melt by holding her paws in my hands, which she doesn't like at the best of times and she was looking absolutely miserable and distressed. Her poor little paws - the worst of the ice balls I could barely get my fist around - and she was twitching her legs, trying to get me to let her go.

And then all of a sudden she hauled herself to her feet and went staggering, skittering, sliiding into the kitchen - bits of ice tearing loose and shooting everyone - and went POINT. Head whipping round, nose unearingly pointed at her treat drawer. And she looked at me to say: 'I get a treat after my walks. You're being slow. Where is it?' POINT.

She got two.


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