Jan. 3rd, 2011

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I don't really go in for the full blown mech preg, or for true sexual diamorphism between mechs and femmes BUT.

The way my brain is thinking it would go would be: Mech and Femme get charged and clanky with each other. New spark is formed. Femme frame is optimised for receving and nurturing that new spark until it is stable. (extra power to spark chamber/secondary slave chamber etc.)

MEANWHILE the mech's frame is optimised for building the sparkling's frame. Because they're typically bigger and bulkier so they've got more internal space to accomodate a temporary mini factory. And then when when the spark is stable/ the new frame is advanced enough to support it, the newspark is transferred to the mech, who carries the sparkling to term.

...maybe if the new spark splits, and there isn't the capacity to build a frame externally, the couple would have to rope a second mech in to build the second frame?

This isn't really going anywhere. Just ramblings. And mental images of crochety Ironhide and glowing Optimus, and Elita and Chromia rubbing aching joints while humans look on in bemusement.

(And Chromia investigating human rumours that spicy food and sex can induce labour, while Ironhide bellows that he's not going to go into labour, he's just going to shift some plating around when the sparkling reaches viability, and slaggit, Chromia, she doesn't need an excuse to frag him...

I may be over tired.


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