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[personal profile] hellkitty posted a really interesting question about femmes, and how different fans interpret them. It got me thinking about my headcanon on Cybertronian reproduction and history more generally and I started to write it down. It, er, got very long. In fact it's a history of Cybertronian society from the Quintesson revolt to the Civil War from a reproductive perspective. oops. 

If anyone's interested I'd really love to hear what your head canon is for these issues!

I have multiple head canons. This is the one with no sexual reproduction.

The Quintessons established the basic Cybertronian frame, based on consumer preference, which was produced in factories. The main division was between the labourers and the soldiers who also had little chance to intermingle culturally before the revolt, with the result that Cybetron never quite managed to loose that fault line from their culture.

After the revolution one of the first things the former slaves did was seize the means of their own self reproduction. There was a huge desire to reject anything Quintesson which resulted in a lot of experimentation and a proliferation of new frame types and operating systems. A lot of infrastructure had been destroyed in the war as well so there was practical as well as ideological reasons for why the next several generations were hand crafted.

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So assuming that the TFs major, or only, means of reproduction is commissioining sparks from either Vector Sigma or the Allspark and then building frames to hold them.

There are two options open to the mechs who commissioned the frame.

One is a fully built frame in a particular model (flyer, construction, military etc) with all the relevant software and databanks pre uploaded. A mech sparked to that frame would come online able to function in Cybertron society and able to fulfill the purpose they were built for immediatley. They would, however, be 'young' in terms of naivite and lacking experience. The Aerialbots and Stunticons from G1 would be examples of this.

The other options would be a very basic frame, smaller than normal, with no specialisations. It would basically just be a bipedal form capable of moving from a to b with the standard range of sensors. It would only have the most basic OS uploaded. A mech sparked into a 'sparkling' frame would be completely dependant on the 'adult' mechs around them. They wouldn't have a specfic function pre-defined for them and they wouldn't be able to support themselves financially. They would also come on line as a blank slate, closer to what we would recognise as a 'child', and would build their own software slowly through learning and experience. When they reached 'adulthood' they would upgrade to a model-type of their choosing.

The advantage of the first option is that it is much, much cheaper. There is a financial outlay for only one frame and the new mech is able to support themselves almost immediatly - although responsible mechs would recognise them as 'young' and treat them appropriately until some of the shiny had worn off. The disadvantages, however, is that the mech comes online with their identities pre-defined to a large extent. It's hard for them to move beyond the boundaries set by their programming and frames. Many of them don't, and it takes a lot of experience and an enquiring spark, or someone really special. So problem with this method is it stunts the creativity of a large proportion of the population. There is also a risk of mental health problems if the coding is too restrictive and contradicts the spark's inclination (Stunticons!). And I'm stealing this idea from Roads by Dragon of Dispair because it's become part of my headcanon - in extreme cases of conflict it can result in a 'still birth.'

The sparkling frame option requires a much MUCH larger financial outlay. Two frames and the cost of supporting the mech during their sparklinghood. Advantages however is a mech who has created themselves through experience, who is bright, creative and inquisitive. Who can think outside the box, whose function is perfectly suited to their spark's inclination.

I imagine originally all or most of Cybertronians were pre-programmed mechs. As their society became more prosperous more and more took the sparkling route. However, as the energy/economic/social crisis began to bite that trend reversed until only the very rich used sparkling frames - which had become something of a status symbol. So Mirage would have had a sparkling frame. Hound did not. Optimus and Megatron in bayverse would have had sparkling frames - or maybe they would have been pre-programmed in a really special, spiritual way. Prime and Lord Protector, destined roles.


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