Jan. 29th, 2010

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I walked out of the railway station tonight and the moon was so bright is was blinding. Huge and full and so dazzling white-silver it threw out a corona like a rainbow, bands of deep velvet, turqoise, and a thin outermost band or burnt orange.

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I don't know why, but I started thinking about soul bonds. The type that shows up in a certain type of fantasy book where two characters meet each other for the first time and suddenly Know they are the Meant to Be, and they can never be with anyone else.

And I was thinking what it would be like to live in a world where that actually happens. You could never completly trust a relationship with someone who you weren't soul-bonded to. What if your bonded, or your partner's bonded, suddenly turns up? Poof, relationship is over. You'd always have to live with that fear, no matter how strong your relationship was. There would be no way to argue, or try to win your partner back. But unless your were mystically guaranteed to meet your bonded someday you would HAVE to take the chance to have relationships with people you weren't bonded with.

What would happen if the bonded person was married? How would shared property be treated? What if there were children? There would have to be an entirely different set of laws to deal with soul bonds. Marriage couldn't be used to seal treaties. All vows and promises would be contingent; secondary.

How would the soul bond would be viewed? Would it be seen as desirable, romantic? Would any other relationship be seen as 'settling?' Or would it be something to be feared, a threat to live under?

I kinda want to write this now...


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